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We have a technical office specially prepared to suit the actual market requirements.

The office is composed by individuals working boxes in which the documentation is developped. Each box has PC computers interconnected. The documents are digitalised in CAD systems, by means of Autocad 14 and 2000, of Autodesk; executed by means of Plotter Hewlett Packard Designjet 230, for manufacture documents and by means of Plotter Hewlett Packard Designjet 450c, for equipments and installations plans.
In our engineering service, we have a technical team highly qualified to give eletrical and electromechanical advices, for the development of a porject or for working execution.

Our company can request the manufacturers, technicals classes for the use of the material delivered, and classes for the use of the CAD systems and computer classes. We consider this technical service as an investment in the improvment of our team.
Evaluation and diagnostic of termographics tests, with the use of images got through termographic, digital camera, or images scanned.

Moreover, our team is permanently prepared technically in different areas, as use of CAD system and performed classes in Electromechanical. We consider these classes a must to be able to give our clients the the best service and the level required by the market.

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